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Norma MacPherson is a co-director of Glenbreck Health Ltd.  She has a wide range of occupational health experience across a variety of businesses including manufacturing, defence, retail and food production.  Before specialising in occupational health Norma practised as a midwife for many years and was a senior lecturer in higher education.

Norma’s particular interest is in supporting and helping SME’s.  She comes from a family of entrepreneurs and small business operators and has a good understanding of the challenges faced by employers.

What can we help you with?

We can offer a one off service for a particular problem or we can provide regular on-site service.

  • Occupational Health Physician
  • Registered General Nurse (RGN)
  • GP
  • Physiotherapist
  • Ergonomic Assessor
  • Yoga & Pilates Instructors.

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Compliant health surveillance is a necessity in many industries, no matter the size.

Glenbreck Health was set up by a group of health professionals who recognised the needs of small and medium sized businesses to keep their workforce healthy and efficient.  We are here to help you reach and maintain that compliance, in a tailored way for your organisation.